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As a group, we will start the crucial conversations in our local hospitals about the connection between professional satisfaction and practice sustainability. Healthy Doctors = Healthier Patients! Spring of 2016 is the season for the coordinate effort, nationally, to start the conversations! It is long overdue.


Unrealistic expectations burden physicians and prevent us from delivering excellent healthcare. We will encourage each other to, occasionally, when appropriate, say “NO.” We will share our stories with one another to continue the momentum of PHYSICIAN LEADERSHIP at every level. Decisions that are harmful for our patients, made by non-clinical leadership, will be challenged and we will find solutions, together, that make sense for our communities, our patients, our hospitals and our staff. We all must be willing to be engaged in our hospitals to offer solutions. HEALTHCARE is about PEOPLE!


Physician shortages are predicted already. We must address Physician Wellness and professional satisfaction to encourage physicians to stay at the bedside, give hope to those in training and maintain the allure of our profession for the best and the brightest in the upcoming generations.


Physician Wellness is the mission of this site. The Physician Wellness emblem (lapel pin or ID badge holder) allows for unity and inspires courage in our profession and will communicate to others that we are THOUSANDS STRONG. Physicians in every state will be discussing the same message: Physician Wellness and Professional Satisfaction MATTERS!!


We ARE Resilient: we survived and thrived through undergraduate education, medical school and residency. Many of us had personal struggles during our education such deaths in our family, divorces, illnesses, pregnancy, childbirth and caring for newborn infants, etc. Despite the challenges, we showed up for our patients and for our colleagues. We are at the bedside nights, weekends, snow days and holidays providing excellent care for our patients. Practicing medicine is a noble profession because of the sacrifice it requires and the fact that we put others’ needs above our own. At this point in history, we need to speak up for ourselves and our colleagues’ Wellness. Our patients and communities are depending on us to BE WELL so that we can provide excellent healthcare!! We must have Practice Sustainability.  

Take action

*Start the conversations with your Hospital, Clinic, Professional Group, Administration for your system, Insurance Companies and Legislators.

*WEAR YOUR Lapel PIN or ID Badge and share your personal stories of what frustrates you most on your shift (usually a barrier to evidence-based practice or time consuming tasks that take you away from your patients) Also share your stories of what makes you feel GREAT during your workday; the little rewards that keep you going!

*Support your colleagues.


*Email us your Physician Wellness Resources and we will place links here MoodyHealth1@gmail.com.


If you are a Physician: Join the conversations on our Facebook  groupfor ALL Specialties:

Healthy Doctors: Healthier Patients


Lapel Pins, ID Badge Holders and T-shirts (conversation starters) are on the "Products" section.  



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